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The Lili

Deeply personal spaces and experiences

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We are the curators, keepers and protectors of our clients’ vibe.

This is the place for those of you who want to feel deeply YOU in your space.  You want to live your life in an environment that visually expresses your feelings, your values, your desires and the things that light you up. Your vibe.

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"Jennaea and I have worked together over the course of six years on a complete remodel. Her talents and approach created a space that is uniquely ours, keenly reflecting who we are and how we live.  Jennaea helped us find what we love and create a timeless look that will evolve with us and move with us to our future space." 

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About Us

We create highly personal spaces and experiences that allow our clients to feel deeply themselves in every way. We honor the past, create for the present and allow room for the future to evolve.


A Date With Your Space

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