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Meet Jennaea


Jennaea grew up frequently moving homes with her family, an experience that fostered her obsessions with the way light from a window changes the mood of a room, the delicious smell of fresh cut lumber and the rhythmic sound of a moving paint roller. She studied economics before working in retail merchandising, product development, product sales and wedding planning. But the love for interiors that began in her childhood bedrooms never left her and fueled her independent design career and the unique design philosophies, processes and perspectives in her work.

Based in Minneapolis and Baja, Mexico, but often traveling, you can usually find Jennaea at a desk with a candle burning nearby, out somewhere on a horse or at the beach trying to learn to surf. In any case, her music will be turned up ridiculously loud and her family and friends will be laughing loudly with (at) her!

We want you to feel truly, amazingly and deeply YOU in your space. If you are craving an experience that embodies all that you, and those that share life with you, desire and value, we can help you get there.

Regardless of project size, budget or location, we work collaboratively and uniquely with you to understand and develop your innate vibe and to curate and design environments that are inspired by and reflective of who you deeply are and the life you live. We create spaces that very simply, feel good.

Meet Jennaea
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