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We work with clients whose budgets and spaces range from tiny to spacious. We promise that in working with us, you will be deeply understood and appreciated, you will feel confident in making intentional decisions and you will find joy and flow in the process of creating an amazing space.

The services we offer are tailored to the two different ways we see our clients approaching their projects. Some truly want to do this work together and others would prefer for us to take the reins. Regardless of which group you align with, we are here to help develop, design and curate environments that are inspired by who you are and the life you live.

Let's do this together


This is a series of working sessions designed to walk together the entire way through a project, small or large. This service is ideal for clients who truly desire a collaborative creative process. For this service, we prefer to come in at the very beginning or even in the dreaming stage of the project (we love property hunting with clients) so we can be of the most help to you. The sessions can be in-person or virtual, depending on your needs and the project.


These individual sessions are designed for a smaller project or a specific need. This service is ideal for the client who has a project they need a jump start on, a specific problem to solve, or a to-do list to work through. We can select paint colors, shop for furniture, create floorplans, consider art, look at real estate options - these sessions are created to help you with whatever you need.

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Please take the reins


We recognize that every client and project is unique and we will define the scope of each project together, but this is our version of the classic top-to-bottom design process. This is ideal for clients working on major remodels, completely new construction or distance projects.


With this service we begin by having you gather architectural plans, measurements and photos for us, along with your inspiration and answers to our burning questions. We take it from there and create a Design Plan for your space, delivering that with a shopping list and installation instructions. Then you handle the purchasing and receiving and, once everything is in place, we work together to do the final detail shopping and styling, in person or virtually.

Other ways we can work together



In this course Jennaea shows you that living life in an incredibly beautiful, uniquely YOU space does not require anything other than you deeply knowing yourself. She takes you step by step through the process we use for every space we work on, allowing you to feel inspired, make confident decisions and have the best time doing it.


Similar to our breakthrough sessions, we can help you move a project or a client forward. We work with realtors to help clients visualize spaces and make more efficient buying decisions, architects to help flesh out large scale designs, photographers to style on set and budding designers who want to explore our unique sensory/vibe based approach.

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